Mindfulness Retreat

Spring Retreat:

Restore + Renew + Connect

Led by Lisa Baker, PhD

Holy Wisdom Monastery Retreat Center, Middleton, WI

May 12 & 13 2023 (NEW DATES)

Join me at the spacious and restorative Holy Wisdom Monastery Retreat Center in Middleton, WI for this unique retreat inspired by my extensive and deep work with individuals and organizations seeking greater peace, clarity, connection, and authenticity in the service of individual and collective liberation.

The guidance from Lisa was right on the mark of what I needed including telling me to tune in and tune it out when needed. Also appreciated Lisa’s vulnerability and humanity as she shared out. The community aspect was lovely as well. Listening deeply to others at the retreat was a gift. – Fall 2022 Retreat Participant


You are invited to slow down and “unplug,” releasing and settling in to the present moment – connecting with what grounds, restores, and awakens our senses. In this spacious and caring setting and community, I will be offering support and wisdom of mindfulness, compassion-based practices and guidance – awakening and deepening connection and care to ourselves and the world around us

Spring Retreat themes,
include: equanimity, compassionate awareness, trust, and letting go, as we find our way back to our deepest intentions and that which nourishes and vitalizes us.

During both retreat days, teachings and gentle guidance in mindfulness and compassion-based practices will be tailored for both those who are new to mindfulness and those who have experience with these practices – with focus on concepts and practices that ground us and awaken our senses.

A variety of sitting, laying down, walking, and movement-based practices will be offered throughout the retreat. There will also be opportunities to explore and walk on the surrounding trails, enjoying the beautiful and natural landscape as a part of these connecting and restorative practices. Care will be taken to support diversity of experiences and needs throughout the retreat.

The second day of the retreat will include practice of”noble silence” for much of the day. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet with me, individually, where I can offer additional support and guidance as desired or needed.


This retreat will be held in a spacious and bright retreat space overlooking gardens at Holy Wisdom Monastery, located on 130 acres of beautifully restored prairie and woods. In this setting, you can experience connection to the beauty and care of the natural world, including opportunities for walking on trails and contemplative practice in this beautiful landscape.

Holy Wisdom offers healthy, fresh meals prepared by their executive chef, with some of the food grown in the monastery’s large vegetable garden.  

Lunch is included in the retreat cost and will be served to retreat participants each day

For those staying for the evening or overnight on Friday, dinner can be added to the retreat options for Friday evening. For those staying overnight, continental breakfast is included with the room cost and is served in the Retreat & Guesthouse kitchen and dining area on Saturday morning. 

For lunches and dinner, participants can eat in spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas in the main building, with a private dining room available to our group during the second day of the retreat, for noble silence. Dietary restrictions will be accommodated.

Coffee and tea will be available throughout the day and we have access to a full kitchen with a refrigerator if you wish to bring any additional snacks. 


Friday, May 12th (option to start in morning (10am) OR to arrive after lunch)

10:00am-11:30am Morning Session Welcome. Getting settled into practice space and introducing practices. Guided walking practice on trails.

1130-1pm Lunch and free time for personal practice (e.g., walking on trails or indoor spaces, self-guided practice for restoration and nourishment)

1pm-3pm Afternoon Welcome. Teachings and Guided Practices around connecting to our intentions, exploring themes of equanimity, trust and letting go. Mindfulness and Compassion-Based guided practices, integrating gentle movement, such as yoga (*break offered half-way through)

3pm-4pm Choice of writing practice, dyad and/or small group dialogue practices

4pm-430pm Closing Afternoon Practice

4:30pm-6:30pm Dinner & free time for personal practice and for those staying overnight, checking into overnight accommodation (Dinner is an optional add-on for those choosing to stay for the evening or overnight)

7:00pm-830pm Restorative and Yoga Nidra Practices

Saturday, May 13th  

9am – 10am – Participants will be introduced to the format of this retreat day, including what “noble silence” is and potential benefits from this practice. They will be invited to share their intentions for the day in community, and explore any thoughts, concerns, questions they have about the practice with silence.

10am-1130am –  Begin “noble silence” practice with guided mindfulness practices offered – walking practice, gentle movement and body-based practices

1130am-130pm – Noble silence self-guided practice, including silent mindful eating practice, movement, and reflective writing (e.g., walking on trails or indoor spaces, writing/reflective prompts offered for practice).

130pm-230pm – Embodied practices for “coming home to our deepest intentions” and what supports us on this path, including compassion-based practices and restorative practice. 

Overnight Accomodations.

You have a great option to stay overnight at Holy Wisdom Retreat and Guesthouse on Friday night.

Guest house rooms have a double bed, private bathrooms, and views of the surrounding landscape. Handicapped accessible rooms are available.

If any of these speak to you, you might benefit from this retreat:

– Feel a yearning or need to “get away”, to get space in your life to “just be”

– Have been having difficulty concentrating and/or feel emotionally overwhelmed

– Feel overstimulated or overwhelmed by so much sensory input and daily demands on your attention – the news, social media, email and text notifications, phone calls, meetings, “to do lists,” etc.

– Have been trying to start a meditation or mindfulness practice but feels too daunting in your busy life

– Meditation and mindfulness practice have been a regular practice in your life and you seek to be in a supportive community of practice

– You give so much of yourself to family, friends, work, etc. and you can find yourself with little left for self-care

Benefits of regular mindfulness and compassion-based practices for you, your relationships, your work, and for the world?

– Better sense of connection to yourself – being more “at home” in your body and greater ease and spaciousness in the mind

– Improved sleep

– Improved attention and concentration

– Increased awareness of thoughts, emotions, and our “automatic” or habitual reactions and behaviors

– Greater ability to calm the body and mind

– More able to respond to and manage stress

– Improved communication in relationships at home and at work

– Greater awareness of our biases and judgements and ability to counter biases and release ourselves from judgements when they arise


$325 for 2-Day Retreat (no overnight stay)

$425 for 2-Day Retreat & overnight accommodations (depending on which room) and all meals

Scholarships are available to cover a portion of the retreat cost. Scholarship-suppored options are listed on the registration page.

This was a much needed time apart from life in a safe and welcoming space. It was exactly what I needed – not too much or too little.
-November 2022 Retreat Participant

What past retreat participants have shared

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The retreat offered the right balance of learning, reflection, sharing and practice. This was my first time attending a mindfulness retreat, and I was a little anxious about spending a whole day trying something new. I wasn’t sure I would be very good at sitting quietly and meditating, but Lisa is such a welcoming group leader, I found myself relaxed and able to fully appreciate the experience. I also found the group format supportive and reassuring. I look forward to attending another session with Lisa.

Retreat Participant
November 2022 Mindfulness Retreat, Holy Wisdom Monastery

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Having the space to have silence, guided centering in the present moment, and share outs with the group was just what I needed for my spirit. Thank you Lisa! – Jennifer

November 2022 Mindfulness Retreat, Holy Wisdom Monastery

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lisa’s approach is very inclusive and thoughtful. My impression was that participants with long-term practices and those newer to meditation were equally welcome and able to participate. I truly appreciated her approach to reflection times and conversation, and holding space for us.

Retreat Participant
November 2022 Mindfulness Retreat, Holy Wisdom Monastery

Rating: 5 out of 5.

My experience was absolutely wonderful 🙂 Both the indoor and outdoor space was terrific. The food served at lunch was excellent. The content of the session was phenomenal! The atmosphere created by our instructor and fellow retreaters was incredibly helpful for having a successful and enjoyable day. I went into the Day of Mindfulness carrying so much heaviness and left feeling light and energized. Several days later, nuggets of wisdom continue to integrate into my system and I’m feeling great! I’m so grateful to have been introduced to this opportunity and made the investment in myself 🙂

Jon L

February 2023, Day of Mindfulness: Restore + Move + Connect Participant