Mindfulness in Times of Heightened Anxiety and Uncertainty with Psychologist Dr. Lisa Baker

Dates: TBD

Thursdays 1230-130pm CST (Proposed Time

Live online group sessions

The COVID19 pandemic has most of us experiencing greater anxiety, worry, and overwhelm. For some of us, this may be the first time in our lives to experience this level of distress. For others, it is adding to anxiety and emotional reactivity that we have been grappling with for a long time. As we seek to grow and thrive in our personal and professional lives during these uncertain times, developing emotional resilience and healthy coping skills is especially critical.

Course Description

In this empirically-supported, highly-relevant and engaging mindfulness training, participants will explore, experience, and apply foundational mindfulness skills and concepts.

This accessible approach invites and supports you in making changes in your daily life to enhance wellbeing and functioning.

Demonstrated Benefits of Training

➤  Increase self-awareness and sense of purpose

➤  Enhance focus and concentration

➤  Improve relationships and communication

➤  Foster well-being and a calm mind

Course Structure

This approach involves eight live virtual 1 hour class sessions, integrating guided practices, dialogue, and experiential learning. 

Learning also involves personal practices and brief reflections that can be done at home between class sessions using the mindfulness online workbook.


Dr. Lisa Baker is a seasoned  Counseling Psychologist in private practice at Shorewood Psychology, an expert in Mindful Leadership and a faculty member in the Social Innovation and Sustainability Leadership Program at Edgewood College. She is a co-founder and lead consultant at Consulting Collaborative.


$360 (HSA can be used)

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