Psychological assessments

We offer both traditional psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for children, teens and adults. We are trained in cutting edge therapeutic assessment that integrates psychological assessment and a brief therapy experience resting on the foundation of deep understanding provided by psychological evaluation. Psychological, and neuropsychological testing can answer questions like, why is my child not reading yet, why do I have more difficulty remembering things than I did in the past, what is the underlying source of my depression and anxiety, how are my patterns of behavior/thought/feeling affecting my marriage, why can my adult child not seem to become independent and move from home, or how do I heal from the frightening things that happened to me in the past?


Our approach to psychotherapy is based on a dynamic understanding of your personality and circumstances. Treatment is not based only on a review of symptoms or diagnoses. Rather the underlying patterns and relationship context are considered essential for understanding you as a person. One size does not fit all in our approach. Of course, your psychologist will work with you to relieve distress as quickly as possible. In addition, he or she will offer therapy to resolve deeper psychological conflicts. With this approach, positive treatment effects are often more lasting. Our approach has been shown to have benefit such that improvement continues even after the therapy is completed (Shedler, 2010).

Couples and family therapy

When families and couples struggle, it is usually the negative interactional patterns that block fulfilling connections and contribute to individuals’ problems. We work to understand each person’s view of the difficulties. We strive to help couples and family members avoid blame and instead recognize repeated interactions that have created difficulties. With this approach, the patterns of relating are recognized as the problem. Developing alternative ways of communicating deeper feelings is often the solution. Our goal is to understand the underlying processes that contribute to the surface anger, withdrawal or troubled or troubling behavior.

Consultation in working with another therapist

Therapeutic assessment and other approaches can be helpful in “unsticking” a therapy that has not progressed satisfactorily. It is a fact that sometimes, for different reasons, a psychotherapy will become stuck. As therapists, it has happened to all of us. Often it is because of blind spots of the therapist and/ or client. If you value your current therapeutic relationship, find that it has been very helpful in the past and hope to salvage it while also benefiting from new insights, our services may have important advantages for you.

Paying for your care

Because the psychologists of Shorewood Psychology are independent practitioners, we set our fees independently and have independent contracts with insurers. Please contact your psychologist of choice to determine what the service will cost and if insurance may cover some of the fees.